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House Full of Blessings

*** Please contact Aimee Cabrera at (970) 222-9695 about reservations and pricing on older CMDs/LGDs. Thanks!!! ***

See the Nursery Page for pictures of the litters!!!


!!! NEWS FLASH !!!

We will have quite a few things available from our farm very soon! (in August and September).


We will have at least 4-5 finished hogs availalbe and ready to haul to a processor of your choice (we prefer Simla).


We will have 8 finished turkeys available.


We have young hens available right now!


We will hopefully have a new litter of puppies from Lucy and Shasta!!!


Taking reservations for each. Call Aimee for details!

(970) 222-9695

Bree/Shasta Colorado Mountain Dog Puppies

** Litter born April 19th!!! **

** $950.00 each **

~+~ Bree's Puppy Reservation List ~+~

No. Name
1. Amy R. F Purple SOLD!
2. Kristy W. M Orange SOLD!
3. Valerie N. F Orange SOLD!
4. Karen J. M Brown SOLD!
5. Natalie A. M Black SOLD!
6. Kelly S. M Red SOLD!
7. Austin M. F Teal SOLD!
8. Evonne Y. F Pink SOLD!
9. Valerie N. F Green SOLD!
10. Corine Z. M Blue SOLD!
11.   F Blue Available!!!

Bree Puppy Purchase

We have one December 2018 CMD Puppy for sale.

-- Only One Left!!! --


*** We have Fiona, a November 2016 CMD, available. ***

We have a Nigerian Dwarf buck for sale - $250.

Blessings Acres Eli ~ Born June 12, 2013

Registered AGS (American Goat Society)



What We Have for Sale...